What We Do

Acumen Business Development guides and supports sales organizations and professional service firms that are committed to growth. We offer a wide array of solutions and a deep network of high quality connections and service providers across North America and around the world.

We RESEARCH new markets and opportunities and provide a plan for development that manages risk and provides a base for sustainable growth.

We support EXECUTION of your growth endeavors by recruiting local talent and professionals, monitoring activities and ensuring integration to your existing organization.

We focus on your proven best practices and company culture to ensure effective IMPLEMENTATAION in new markets with focus on local laws, customs and cultural considerations as well as geo-political ramifications.

We offer seamless BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT support to customize your business model and drive revenue.

We work with your internal teams and your customers to understand your key DELIVERABLES and to build profitable arrangements for all.

We offer specialized SALES AND DISTRIBUTION SOLUTIONS customized to fit your business model.  

We help you execute EFFICIENTLY, using our vast experience entering new markets.

How We Do It

  • Business Development Goal Setting: Understanding your existing business and goals for growth
  • Business Growth Research: Planning that manages risk and provides a base for growth
  • Business Strategy Strategy: Developing sound strategies that set you up for success
  • Business Goals Implement: Focusing on execution and accountability 
  • Business Planning Monitor: Monitoring activities and measuring deliverables 

Increasing Value

We work to increase your firm’s value through revenue generation and profitability growth.

  • Business Development We work collaboratively with our clients to grow their businesses domestically and internationally.
  • Business Growth We believe in customer-centered solutions that focus on better utilizing proven best practices.
  • Business Strategy We bring national and global connections to the table to accelerate growth.
  • Business Goals We help build infrastructure so growth is sustainable. 
  • Business Planning We continue to monitor and support clients to ensure that plan execution continues and expected results are achieved.